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We have had many years’ experience in providing pre-shipment inspection, which is our primary service, to clients from all over the word.

Clients send us the specifications, as per which, they have directly signed the contracts with processing plants in Vietnam, and ask us to inspect the goods. Before getting in on the act, we firstly contact the suppliers determining the goods’ condition. Only when the suppliers confirm that they have turned out enough 100% of the quantity according to the orders, can we carry out the inspection.

The inspecting process is always performed by two specialists at the same time. Our team goes into the cold storage checking the temperature and actual quantity, then randomly picking some samples out of the total amount for testing.

For each kind of seafood, we set out different inspecting methods and standards, which will then be combined with clients’ particular requirements to ensure that the necessary information regarding the shipment should be completely shown in detail on the Inspection Report issued by us. Further, the report will be fully supported with practical pictures giving the clients a clear overview on their own goods.

Besides the Inspection Report, we MQ Seafood issues a Letter of Guarantee declaring that the inspection result we have produced us is accurate, together with that are in-depth analyses regarding the goods’ condition and useful advice from our skilled inspectors.  This way, we deeply believe that we can help our clients make the most timely and wisest decisions.

We only charge the buyer for our service. Never do we accept any payment made by the supplier or any third party.

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